iFunds team is committed to be the market leader in providing access to high quality private markets and hedge funds investments products for the wealth management industry in Israel. Our team is committed to bring this industry the latest innovations, change the existing paradigm, and humbly help financial advisors and their clients succeed in achieving the long term financial goals for their clients.

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Dani Cukierman

Managing Partner

Dani is an investor, executive with the heart of an entrepreneur, he poses a unique mixture of finance, PE investing, business operation & technology background. Amongst other he served on many of Altshuler Shaham’s group companies’ boards including being chairman of the board for Altshuler Shaham mutual funds and portfolio management companies

Limor Ofaz-Ratson

Managing Partner

Limor is a lawyer and an accountant. She also holds an Israeli Portfolio Management license (voluntarily temporally suspended). Limor has long experience in the financial markets on one hand, and as a regulator of the Israeli capital market on the other hand. She served as Head of Research Unit at Dikla Mutual Funds Company and established the Pension Advisory Division at FIBI. Prior to joining iFunds, Limor served as the Head of Licensing Division at the Israel Securities Authority. Limor holds BA in accounting and economics, LLB and LLM – all from Tel Aviv University, and MPA from Harvard University.

Moshe Weingarten

Active Chairman

Moshe brings years of experience in business development and creation of global retail partnerships. He had previously been an executive and board member in multinational companies and in large Israeli companies in the financial industry (such as Pepsico & Menora). Moshe is the founder of Altshuler Shaham Global opportunities with Altshuler Shaham created to leverage AS brand and assets in a global perspective.

Einat Jacobi Shaham

Office Manager

Before joining the company, Einat was an office manager and personal assistant at the “kibbutzim seminar” and “Habima Theatre” Prior to that, Einat served as personal manager for several high profile business people in Israel. In her capacity at iFunds Einat is responsible for managing operation, public relations, client management and human resources.
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Rafi Durst


Over 20 years experience as a financial executive. Rafi (US based) is the representative of Rosario Capital in the US. His roles included different forms of cross border business development. Rafi played a lead role in many of Altshuler Shaham’s global partnerships initiatives (including a strategic partnership with Blackrock). Prior to these roles Rafi was a partner in an accounting firm and served in senior positions in the Ministry of Finance.

Rahul Shankar


Over a decade of experience in Software Development, with a deep understanding in the domains of Private Banking, Finance and Healthcare.
Hands on and management experience in complex systems across multiple platforms and under strict security rules.
Prior to iFunds, worked offshore and onsite with large Information Technology companies across multiple locations in India and Europe overseeing development in several Swiss domiciled private banks.
Passionate about solving problems and a deep sense of making a difference to the community at large.

Tzachi Ashkenazi

Head of Sales

Tzachi Ashkenazi has 16 years of experience managing sales and marketing strategies for institutional clients in Israel’s capital markets. Tzachi was previously the head of business development at IBI investment house, Tachlit ETN’s, and the head of brokerage at Migdal Capital Markets, a Tel-Aviv stock exchange member. Tzachi holds investment advisor license by ISA

Stephanie Timsit

Operations Manager

Before joining the company, Stephanie was a Back Office/Payment Lead for Several financial institutions and Fintech. She has a long experience in the financial market. Prior to this role, Stephanie served as Business Analyst for several Banks in London and Paris. In her capacity at iFunds Stephanie is responsible for managing operations, Back Office operations.

Hanoch Frankovitch

Head of Research

Hanoch is a Financial Researcher. An expert in applied investments & capital markets research. Hanoch has vast experience, including: Head of investments research team in Bank Leumi, building investments portfolios and supplying investments recommendations in various asset types and for an extensive spectrum of clients. Developing and embedding advanced methods for measuring and managing portfolios risk. Head of transfer pricing team. Chief investment strategist and head of investment model development team of Videa.