Due to regulation investing in the iFunds alternative investments menu is limited only to accredited and even sometimes only qualified purchasers as defined by law. In order to understand more about who is an accredited investor check out our knowledge base…

iFunds works in Israel with distribution partners. Our distribution partners can be family offices, banks, agencies and other financial advisors. We encourage you to check with your advisor about working with iFunds. In any case if you are not sure, please reach us using the contact form or just call us.

iFunds is iCapital Network’s white label partner in Israel. Our investment platform is powered by ICapital Networks and so are many of the alternative investments that we offer.

iFunds is a stand-alone legal entity but it is part of the Altshuler Shaham group of companies.
In case you do not work with a family office or any other financial advisor that has access to the iFunds platform please contact us through the “contact us” page via phone, email or the website and we will get you up and running soon…
iFunds employees stringent policies and best practices to protect your personal information. Your data security is one of the pillars of our business so we make a point to keep it at the highest standards possible. 

Our goal is to provide best-of-breed alternative investments products and to make sure there is a diversification of strategies on our menu. Nevertheless, we do not provide personal financial advisory. In order to benefit from the iFunds you must have sufficient knowledge of the potential risk in alternative investments best understood working with a professional advisor.

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